Of a Kind

Scaling an e-commerce fashion & editorial startup

Fall 2013 – Winter 2016

"..Of a Kind gets cool, specially made items to sell; young designers, who often don’t have marketing budgets, get a platform to communicate their stories and ideas..."


Of a Kind had made waves pioneering a model of limited edition fashion pieces paired with solid editorial, but in 2013 they expanded to include permanent collection pieces from their many designers. This required implementing a subvendor experience across a custom Rails app, Shopify, and multiple fulfillment systems in time for the holiday shopping season.

The following year, we had a few goals – improve the site's performance, integrate with Google Products, and redesign the shopping experience. To do this, the product database needed wide changes and the original Tumblr-driven CMS would have to be replaced. While Hard Candy Shell were tapped for the frontend redesign, we got to work designing a new, more powerful CMS and overhauled the product taxonomy to fit Google's specifications. The frontend redesign was rolled out in fall 2014.

In summer 2015, Of a Kind was purchased by Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Project Roles

Account Management, Technical Project Management, CMS UX Design


E-Commerce, Fashion, Content Management