Internet of things-driven hydration platform

Spring 2015 – Spring 2017

This is the future of athletic hydration.
It’s also the future of Gatorade.

Fast Company

In spring 2015, Smart Design began partnering with HappyFunCorp to build a forward-looking hydration platform for elite sports teams seeking to optimize performance and prevent possible injury. Gatorade's Sports Science division 'sweat-tests' athletes in a number of conditions, yielding data about how much they sweat, the rate they burn carbs, and the quality of their electrolyte loss. Traditionally, sports scientists created personalized hydration recommendations for each athelete based on these tests, but Smart saw an opportunity in simplifying the generation of those recommendations and delivering the right formula and quantity using a technology ecosystem dubbed Gx. At the heart of this system was a new range of Gatorade formulas and Smart Caps that could track fluid consumption in real time.

HFC was tasked with developing the software for each touchpoint in the system as well as the cloud system that included recommendation engine that would reliably deliver personalized recommendations to athletes. Before training or competing, athletes would weight themselves on a smart scale that would record their weigh-in and provide a type and quantity of Gatorade needed to restore hydration over exercise. After training or competing, athletes would weight themselves again to measure fluid loss and receive another recommendation to restore that fluid.

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Project Roles

Account Management, Technical Project Management


Cloud Services, Responsive Web, Kiosk, Bluetooth, Internet of Things