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Winter 2015 – Present

Catapult is offering creative-writing workshops and ... a website where it will publish narrative nonfiction and fiction pieces, as well as a community site

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Andy Hunter, Catapult's Publisher, wanted to build an online digital magazine and community space, but was concerned about the limitations of off-the-shelf solutions availabe on Wordpress – or elsewhere. The book publisher was building up a reputation in the literary space, and needed a distinctive home for its shorter-form online content, as well as a portal to its class and book sales.

We designed a custom platform for publishing that could scratch the itch of a bustling editorial team as well as a community space with tools familiar to users of WYSIWYGs like Medium. Catapult 1.0 launched in Fall 2015, and we gathered feedback and iterated with our 2.0 release.

In 2016, Catapult worked with me to expanded its class offerings to include and online option. We designed and built rich tools for real-time inline commenting, in-class conversations, and other domain-specific communication tools, as well as a novel apply-first/pay-later approach to class enrollment that differentiates it from competitors. 2.0 was released in August 2016.

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Project Roles

Project Scoping, Account Management, Product Management, UX Design


Content Management, E-commerce, Community Building, Education