Brooklyn Museum

Bluetooth beacon-enabled live chat app

Fall 2015 – December 2016

"It’s like having a curator in your pocket: When you send a question or a comment, a team member can immediately see where in the museum you are and what artworks are nearby."

New York Times

Brooklyn Museum launched its ASK app – an in-museum, bluetooth-beacon-enabled chat service that located guests – on iOS prior to working with HFC, but found some challenges with location accuracy and chat delivery. HFC was tapped to build out an Android version of the app and make improvements to the chat service, including handling issues where chats might be dropped due to areas with weaker wifi signal. Early on in the project, we developed a diagnostic tool inside the app to make it simple to test the beacon location logic while on-site. The Android application was launched in spring 2016 along with an improved iOS version in the summer.

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Project Roles

Project Scoping, Account Manager


Museum, Non-Profit, Mobile, Social