Robb Chen-Ware

NYC Product Management

Bring great products to life.

I've spent the last 7 years + working with startups and big brands to bring new products to market and beyond.

You can find me at HappyFunCorp.


Internet of things-driven hydration platform


Innovative indie publisher & online education platform


Bringing Twitter into the livingroom

Of a Kind

Scaling an e-commerce fashion & editorial startup

Harvard Business School

Mobile app launch for health and human services


A nonprofit to inspire action about homelessness

Brooklyn Museum

Bluetooth beacon-enabled live chat app

The Creative Brain

Rapid static site solution with simple CMS

More about me

  • I made this site.
  • I'm a pretty serious music nerd.
  • I grew up in Connecticut cheering for the Red Sox.
  • I'm married to the lovely and talented Guyang.
  • Together we have a 7-year-old turtle, Philbert.
  • We live in Brooklyn.